General Questions

In this section, we will outline the many questions players have regarding the game. Given the genre of Little Sim World, we have noticed similar questions appearing, so we have attempted to answer the most commonly asked questions in as much detail as possible. We’ll also update it with more questions as new ones are posed!

If we have missed something that you feel is important, please let us know on our Discord!

What is Little Sim World?

  • It’s a 2D indie life simulator game that aims to portray all the best parts of real life. Players will need to take care of their many needs, from hunger to bladder, develop their personality and interests, earn money, customize their characters and house, form relationships, explore the world and much, much more. We conducted a survey with over 10,000 sim players (thank you everyone!) to identify the key gameplay elements that are of interest to fans of the simulation genre. Based on these findings, we have designed Little Sim World to focus on such experiences.

How is it different from The Sims and other life sims?

  • There are multiple differences, the main ones being:
    1. No loading screens when moving around the world.
    2. The player isn’t bound to their house.
    3. Furniture and the character can be edited substantially more e.g. through custom colours.
    4. Almost all objects in the world are interactable in a meaningful way.

When is the release date?

  • Early Access is planned for Q4 2024. Depending on how the Kickstarter campaign fares we might push it slightly to fit in more of what’s promised in the funding goals. The final release of the game isn’t confirmed yet but will likely be 1-2 years after Early Access starts.

Does the game have a story?

  • It does! The character gets an old rundown house gifted to them by their uncle. The uncle calls in to guide you and point you in the right direction as you try to renovate and restore the house as well as the entire city. There’s a lot more to it but that’s the initial premise we’re expanding. We’re currently hard at work implementing a narrative and quests in the game to bring a more holistic single-player experience.

Pricing & Platforms

How much will the game cost?

  • Around 20-25$. Pricing is still being finalised.

Will there be cosmetics or micro-transactions?

  • Nope. There won’t be any paywalls, you’ll be able to obtain almost everything in the game by just playing it. Major and minor updates will all be free.

What platforms will the game be available on?

  • The initial release will be primarily for Windows and Mac devices. It’ll also be compatible with Linux and Steam Deck platforms. Some time after we’ll also be releasing a Mobile version. The mobile version won’t be a simple port and it’ll be adapted to be better for mobile.

Will the game be available on consoles?

  • On initial release, it won’t. Depending on how much people enjoy the game we’ll see how plausible it is to create console versions.

What are the requirements to run the game?

  • There are no exact specifications but we’re aiming for the game to be playable on even low-end machines and not take up a lot of space similarly to other games in the space.


Can you switch between characters instantly or play as them simultaneously?

  • This isn’t possible as the game just doesn’t support this type of gameplay, it’s a lot more focused on the RPG aspects and customizing a singular character. You will still be able to make multiple characters but each will be in their own world.

Is it possible for your character or others to die?

  • Currently, it’s not possible. Since the focus is on a cozy and relaxing experience alongside customizing your experience, much like Animal Crossing. Dying just wouldn’t make much sense.

What sort of transport options are available?

  • There’s a bus system and there will also be an underground tube very soon. Scooters are also planned but we’re still figuring those out. Cars won’t be available any time soon but we’ll be looking into them more after Early Access.

Is ageing part of the game?

  • It is not and likely won’t be for quite some time. It would complicate a lot of the current systems and require a lot of manpower to properly implement and we just don’t have those resources at the moment.

How do you unlock things?

  • There are multiple ways with the main one being Inspiration, which is our leveling system. With higher levels you’ll unlock new furniture, outfits, interactions and much more. Additionally, some things will be locked behind your career, collecting items or finishing special events with other characters… plus so much more.

Are there any collectables?

  • Absolutely, there are plenty. We’ve got antique coins, leaves that try to evade you, fishes that need to be caught and toys that are obtained when recycling. Additionally we have a stamp system that is also a sort of collectable tho it serves more as an achievement system.

What activities are available in the game?

  • There are too many to count really. Specific interest, which are essentially skills you can level, we have right now are Fishing, Cooking, Recycling, Crafting, Writing, Knowledge, Painting, Figure & Fitness. There’s a bunch of interactions and activities tied to these but there are plenty of others as well.

How do you progress in the game?

  • Just playing the game and interacting with different objects & people will have you progressing in 90% of the games content. As you do this you’ll gain Inspiration levels that unlock even more things to do and places to visit. Additionally you’ll level your interests and gradually improve your relationships with the towns inhabitants. All of these and a few other systems will constantly be offering you new things to do in-game.

Work & Money

Can we choose our career?

  • Currently, there’s only one universal “City Helper” career. Through it you’ll get tasks which vary depending on your preferences. So if you want to do more fishing or cooking rather than crafting or recycling, you can do just that. The tasks can be done in different places around town and will reward you with money and experience. You’ll unlock more unique tasks as you gain more experience. We’re currently working on revamping parts of the system to include quests that you can gather throughout the city to help the little citizens of little London.

Will there always be only one career?

  • We plan on adding more freedom when it comes to the career, so there’s even more you can choose from outside of just the tasks. We can’t guarantee it but we’ll definitely be working towards it.

Are there any other ways to earn money?

  • Absolutely! If you’re not up for some straight-up work you can always earn money through selling paintings, earning royalties for writing books, selling collectables you find… and many others.

Can I go into debt?

  • You actually can, temporarily at least. In case of emergency you’ll be able to go into debt but it’ll need to be payed back and almost nothing can be bought once in debt.


Can you create your own house?

  • Of course, it’s one of our main features! You’ll be able to freely customize and build on your plot of land as you wish. You’ll also be able to expand that plot to massive proportions. All of that building will cost a pretty penny though so you better save up some money.

Can you own multiple homes?

  • For the moment, no. Once we expand the city more we’ll consider this option further.

Will there be multiple-floor buildings?

  • They’re currently being worked on. We want most buildings to have both a second floor and a basement that can be explored. The player house might also have these but that would be a much bigger undertaking.

Can we have our own businesses?

  • Not yet. Similarly to multiple homes, once we expand the city more we’ll consider the option of having player-owned businesses.

Are there plans to add farms and farm animals?

  • Gardening is an interest we plan to add relatively soon. Doing more dedicated farming systems and farm animals would be a much harder undertaking and doesn’t fit very well with the city-life vibe the game currently has so it would be quite hard to make it work.

Can I live outside of the house?

  • It will technically be possible to play the game without interacting with the house and using objects around the city to keep your well-being up there are some things that just have to be done on the home plot and are generally easier there as well.

Can I have roommates in my house?

  • In single-player you can’t at the moment though we’ll be looking into it after release. In multiplayer you’ll be able to share the same house though.

Buildings & Areas

Will we be able to go to school/university?

  • A university building is in the works and we plan to have lectures and a public space for hanging out. It likely won’t be very deep, like a full-on school experience, but we’ll try to add as much as possible.

Will there be other cities beyond London?

  • There’s a lot there to add for London alone so it’s more likely that if the game does well we do different versions of the game in other cities rather than adding them into the game itself.

Can we go outside of the London neighborhood?

  • Not at the moment. We’ve restricted the map to just the sections that have a good amount of content tied to them. Later on, if the game does well we can explore expanding to outside areas. We will still want to emulate London though so they might not be as exotic as you imagined.


How does romance work in the game?

  • It works similar to Stardew Valley such that there will be romantic events that need to be unlocked. We’re currently hard at work implementing and testing the romancing system so we’ll come out with new exciting updates as soon as we have them.

Is romance gender locked?

  • Nope, you can have any kind of relationship you want.

Can you get married and have children?

  • Not at the moment, we’re exploring how this could work but it’s unlikely for the initial release due to the complexity and amount of work required.

Will there be generations you can play as?

  • Since children are complex as is, doing generations would depend on that working out and as mentioned above it would require a very big time commitment so we can’t promise anything.

Will there be pets in the game?

  • Certainly. They’re one of our top priorities during Early Access. Expect animals and pets that you’ll be able to interact with and own.

Can you participate in club activities or clubs?

  • The entire friendship system is still in the works so these types of activities aren’t available but we’ll be working towards adding them.

Time, Seasons & Weather

Is there a day-night cycle?

  • Yep, the game follows real-life times and cycles. Of course, it’s adapted so that 24 in-game hours are around 20 minutes real-time. The cycle is also dynamic so sunrise and sunset times change between seasons.

Will the game have different weathers?

  • Absolutely. A dynamic weather system has been created that changes the weather every now and then with different chances for specific weathers in different seasons. Each weather also has a unique effect on the player and impacts players temperature & wetness.

Will the game have seasons?

  • Yes! We already have the different seasons in the game with each one affecting the look of the world, dialogue as well as what weathers can appear during it. Not to mention events and eventually season-specific items…

There is a temperature system?

  • There is! We’ve created a simple temperature system that’s affected by the season and weather and can make the player sick if they don’t wear the proper clothing. We’re making sure not to make it overbearing as this is still a cozy game.

There is a wetness system?

  • Yes. Rain and other precipitation can affect how wet the player is which can make the character uncomfortable and even sick if the player gets wet enough. Though it can also have a positive effect at higher temperatures! You can easily negate it by wearing rain clothing.

Are there going to be seasonal events?

  • Yes! A few of them already exist in-game with more being added for Early Access. Easy season will have one.


Will there be multiplayer?

  • Yes, we’re currently working on adding multiplayer to the game and it’s one of our stretch goals for Kickstarter.

How will multiplayer function?

  • It will be online multiplayer, with each player on their own machine. You’ll be able to visit your friends worlds and perform interactions together. In many ways the gameplay will be the same as singleplayer except you’ll be doing it with friends. Progress performed in the friends world won’t transfer to your own world but any character progress will.

Will there be local co-op?

  • We plan to work on it once we release online multiplayer. It would be split-screen so two players can play on one platform.

Will multiplayer be cross-platform?

  • The initial version almost certainly won’t be but it’s something we’ll work on over time.


Will the game have mod support?

  • No, not for the initial release. If the game does well we will definitely add them in later.

Can I pick genders beyond male and female in the game?

  • Yes! There’s a plethora of non-binary options to pick between.

Are clothing and hairstyles gender locked?

  • No, they aren’t. You can pick any customization options that you want. We see no reason to lock it.

Can you pick your own pronouns in game?

  • You can’t, however this is because the characters will always refer to the player as “you” so it doesn’t matter which title is used from a gameplay standpoint. If at any point the game requires it, we can look into adding it.

Will there be cheats in the game?

  • There are currently no plans for cheat codes but we’ll consider them if people request it a lot.

Are there supernatural events in the game?

  • Currently, there’s only one… but there are hints of the supernatural here and there and depending on players requests we’ll likely be adding more. However, we still want to keep the tone of the game closer to reasonable realism.

Will there be religions in the game?

  • There are no plans to add any type of religion to the game. There might be a cat cult tho… or a lamb one… lol

Will the game be localized in other languages?

  • Yes! All of the text in the game will be localized to at least 8 different languages. After release we’ll look into potentially doing more.

Can I get arrested in-game?

  • You won’t ever get directly arrested but you will get fined if you jaywalk too much or do other illegal stuff.

Are there any hidden secrets or Easter eggs?

  • Of course… there’s loads of nods to other games and fun little texts and dialogues that reference different things from the real world. We’ll also be adding more secrets and actual Easter eggs once everyone’s happy with the core game-play.