Installation Guide

If you are having issues installing the game, this is expected so please read this section carefully! I know no one likes reading but please please please read this carefully it will save you a lot of time and it’s not too hard ~

The installation process is a little bit annoying because Patreon has a 200MB limit on uploads, meaning I had to use a -9 compression tool, which cannot be decompressed by all extractors. Please take a look at:

Windows Guide
MacOS Guide

Your pre-installed extractor on Windows/Mac may not work! If it does not, please download a new one in the links provided! It is good to do this as a better extractor will mean you will have fewer issues in the future opening games in general!

If you have any permission issues, this is normal and expected, please once again look at the above guides for a solution. This is not an issue with the game, but all software without a digital signature which we don’t have at the moment but am working on!

For future installations of the game, you can just delete the old game, as your save files are not located in the game itself but rather: User/YourName/AppData/Local/LittleSimWorld/Saves