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This is a quick startup guide for the Mac version of Little Sim World.  Since recent updates to the MacOS, it has become a little more difficult to open applications from unverified developers. Make sure you have Catalina and above for your operating system! 

If you wish to skip all the below steps, download the game and try: LSW macOS setup script (phene.dev) and see if it works! If not, follow the steps before ^_^

If you have file extraction issues (you need to extract first), use this: https://www.winzip.com/mac/en/zip-for-mac.html -> please make sure when you extract, there are no leftovers from previous extractions such as old files. If there are, the extraction will not work. Its best to delete all other files in the same space as the game.

Just to point out that currently, this issue is not unique to Little Sim World but a bug with all Macs trying to run any file from unidentified applications. There isn’t much I can do except apply for a signature, but it will take some time…

Here are some steps to getting the game running (it doesn’t take long!):

  1. Download the game from Patreon via the link supplied.
  2. The game should automatically unzip. Safari typically automatically unzips games for you. To check if it has been unzipped properly, right click on the file and click ‘Get Info’. It should tell you the correct extension.
  3. If it is not unzipped, please unzip it ~
  4. Try to double click the .app file and see if it runs. If it does, great! If it doesn’t, try to right click on the file and open. If it still does not run, go to step 5.
  5. I strongly suggest moving the game file to the Desktop, this will make it easier!
  6. Open the ‘Terminal’. If you don’t know how, search for it in the search bar ~
  7. In the terminal, type ls
  8. Hit enter.
  9. This should show the list of files you have. You should be able to see the Desktop folder. If you can, type cd Desktop
  10. Remember that everything is case sensitive. Desktop is not the same as desktop.
  11. You can press ‘tab’ to autocomplete. 
  12. Type ls and then enter again. You should be able to see the game file on your Desktop if you have moved it there.
  13. Type pwd
  14. Press enter.
  15. This shows the current directory you’re in! Type sudo chmod -R 755 /path/to/app
  16. The /path/to/app must be the path to the actual game. For example, mine is /Users/Terry/Desktop/Build_MACos.app so therefore I type in sudo chmod -R 755 /Users/Terry/Desktop/Build_MACos.app -> please check spacing! It is easy to get this wrong and terminal does not warn you ~ 
  17. Then it will ask for your password. Type in your password you use to login to your Mac with.
  18. Done!
  19. Now, in theory, you should be able to simply right click and open the game. You must always right-click! If you do not right-click open and try to double click, it will not work!

If the above steps did not work, try typing simply:

cd ~/Desktop && chmod -R 777 LittleSimWorld.app

All Macs should work with the instructions above, and we may have to manually troubleshoot. The issues above is with permissions in general and Macs breaking applications during the unzipping process.

Happy gaming, and let me know on Discord if you have any other issues!