Kickstarter Cancellation

Hello everyone, it’s unfortunate that we’ve come to this but since we’re closing the Kickstarter campaign we wanted to give context on what this means, why it happened and where we go from here. Just to put everyone’s mind at ease.


What happens with my pledge?

  • The money for the pledge would have only been charged had the Kickstarter succeeded. Since it didn’t, nothing will be charged but rewards won’t be given out either.

What happens with the game now?

  • The game will fortunately still be released into Early Access, whether that’s still in Q4 of this year isn’t 100% but we will keep you updated. It will almost certainly have fewer features or at least less polished features than we planned to have for it when that release happens. While we may have failed at Kickstarter we still believe there is a dedicated community here that will enjoy the game thoroughly and help make the game into a success! We’ve also learned a lot from it and the campaign has still brought in a lot of new people so it’s not all bad.

How will Patreon Rewards be handled?

  • As many of you know, we merged Patreon rewards with the Kickstarter ones. That is still going to be the case, Patrons will receive these rewards despite the Kickstarter cancellation and we’ll still be actively communicating with all of you to give them out.

How will rounding up work?

  • Rounding up was supposed to be done through Kickstarter, but because of the situation rounding up will have to be done through different means. We’re still figuring some of it out, but it will likely be done through PayPal or other more direct means. Everyone will be notified on time about this and you’ll have adequate time to decide on it.

Can I still pay in another way to get the Kickstarter rewards?

  • For the moment, no. We’re trying to figure out how that might work especially if we end up trying again.You could also go to your Patreon accounts settings → More → Billing History, and check there potentially.

Why did you cancel the Kickstarter?

  • There were a lot of reasons… the main one is just that we’re nowhere close to our expected funding goal or a trajectory towards it. There were a few other things we didn’t properly plan for and the funding goal ended up being too ambitious to succeed. A lot of it boils down to a lack of knowledge of Kickstarter campaigns and our overestimation of our current capabilities.

Will you try again?

  • We’ve thought about it, and depending on a lot of different factors we’ll consider restarting the Kickstarter at some point but there’s so much to consider and the best decision might just be to not retry. Especially with how close we are to Early Access.

Why not just let it go for the full 30 days?

  • While we could have let it continue it would have almost certainly only continued to get in a small number of people who would then also be disappointed with this same news. This way we can use the remaining time to resolve any leftover problems and work more closely on the game rather than focusing on Kickstarter.