Patreon & Kickstarter FAQs

With us slowly limiting Patreon and doing a Kickstarter campaign there’s bound to be a lot of questions on what happens with the rewards offered between the two and how one might affect the other. We’ll be answering everything here but in general, all rewards will still be given out as they were promised in either platform.


How does Kickstarter affect Patrons?

  • In the most basic sense, Patreon rewards will be merged with Kickstarter rewards. Your lifetime total of donations will be rounded down to the closest Kickstarter tier and you will receive the same rewards as that tier. As an example, if you’ve donated 92$ in total on Patreon you’ll be rounded down to our 90$ Kickstarter tier.

Can I pay to round up to the next tier?

  • Yes! We will contact everyone when delivering rewards to let them know what their total amount is and which tier it rounds down to. You’ll then have the choice to pay for a higher tier or just take the tier you already earned.

Can I choose my own tiers or combine different tiers of lower value that add-up to my lifetime total of donations?

  • In most cases no. The only cases where this is applicable is if a reward you paid for through Patreon isn’t given out in the tier that you end up receiving. In that case you should contact us through our Discord Server, in the Kickstarter Support channel. One of the team members will contact you shortly after.

Does reward merging apply to all tiers?

  • This applies to all tiers except Chocolate Bar (3$). Chocolate Bars will still receive an Early Access key if they’ve donated more than 20$ or a Collectors Edition if they’ve donated more than 50$. They won’t get the other rewards though. They can pay to round up as well.

How do I know how much I’ve donated?

  • We’ll be contacting you through your email or Discord to give out the rewards and you’ll know your amount then. But you can always contact us through our Discord Server, by messaging us in the Kickstarter Support channel.
    You could also go to your Patreon accounts settings → More → Billing History, and check there potentially.

When is the deadline for deciding if I’d like to round up?

  • There’s no concrete date yet, as we’ll be contacting people individually but ideally, we’d get the decision within the first week of contact so that we can start discussing the reward delivery.

How would rounding up work?

  • We’d do it through Kickstarter. The person would pledge the remaining amount through the “Make a pledge without a reward” section at the top of our Kickstarter campaign page. After that, you’d send proof of the pledge to the developer you’ve been in contact with through Discord and we’d bump you up to the next tier!

Why are these changes happening?

  • Primarily because the game has changed substantially since the Patreon started and some of the rewards ended up being implemented differently than expected. Additionally, it simplifies the process of giving out rewards since everyone will get some part of the Kickstarter rewards rather than different rewards all-around.

I have a specific question who do I ask?

  • Create a post through our Discord Server, in the Kickstarter Support channel. You don’t need to specify the question, you can just mention that you need help. After that one of the developers will contact you to help.


What’s happening with Patreon?

  • We’re gradually sunsetting Patreon support and limiting/closing tiers as we near Early Access. Instead of Patreon we recommend either checking out the Kickstarter or buying it when it releases for Steam Early Access!

What if the game is released before I am a Patreon for x months to receive my reward?

  • – Since the Patreon is closing no one will be able to join the tiers that require long-term pledges, by doing this we avoid any possible issues.

How will we claim our Patreon rewards?

  • We have a list of Patrons and their subscriptions so when the time comes we will get in contact with everyone! List organization and delegation of rewards has already started as we near our Patreons closing.

Will I still get the rewards that were promised on Patreon?

  • Any rewards that were promised for being a patron for a specific amount of time will still be given out + You’ll get the Kickstarter rewards.