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Patreon FAQs

Patreon can be a little bit confusing, so I’ve taken a bit of time to address the most common questions here. I hope I’ve covered everything – if not, I just message me and I’ll append to this. Thank you for your support and for making Little Sim World possible! Let’s get started! <3

How does Patreon work?
Patreon is a way of supporting creators with their work – in this case, it’s Little Sim World! You can find links to my Patreon at the top of this web page. It’s a monthly payment for some rewards as a thank you for supporting the development of the game ^_^

What if the game is released before I am a Patreon for x months to receive my reward?
I am planning to release the game at a time where it is not possible for this to happen. For example, if it takes 5 months to receive the game on Patreon, the game will not be released before 5 months is over. When the release date is closer, the Patreon rewards will be closed such that new Patreons will no longer receive this reward. If in the case that the game is released before the reward date, then I will give the game to supporters who are close but have not hit the required months.

Why are Patreon prices slightly different for people?
Sorry! This is not something I have control as it is due to VAT and is dependent on the country you have set yourself to. It may be useful to adjust your Patreon settings as it is just one click!

How does payment on Patreon work?
Thank you so much for your support, it means a lot to me that people are supporting the game, be it on Patreon or wishlisting the game – it helps in a lot of ways that may not be obvious (beyond just financially!). Patreon bills supporters at the first of each month, regardless of when your first subscription was. It is a bit weird in this sense, but there isn’t anything I can really do about it since it’s part of their policy.

Is it possible to subscribe for x months immediately?
Unfortunately, the only subscription that Patreon offers is 12 months (yearly) or monthly. This isn’t something I can change since it’s Patreon that has control over how the billing system works.

How do I claim my Patreon rewards?
I have a list of Patreons and their subscriptions so when the time comes, I will get in contact with everyone. Don’t worry about it, I will handle it!

When will I get my rewards?
The Pre-Alpha should be an ongoing reward for quite some time. Specific in-game reward will take a bit longer as I will be implementing it slowly over time. I suspect around Q1 2022 is when the vast majority of the rewards should be added (although most likely much earlier, I just want to be a little conservative here!).

Which name can I pick to put into the game as part of the Patreon rewards?
I will take your Patreon name, as this would be the easiest and will make sure I don’t make any mistakes. If your name is not a ‘real’ name and an online alias, then I will put the alias into the game as a characters ‘online alias’. 

I have some issues with billing, can you help?
If you have issues with billing, feel free to ask me and see if I can help but probably Patreon is the best people to ask since they’re in charge of all this. Most likely it will be a PayPal problem since that’s how the payments are processed.

If I would like to upgrade my yearly subscription, what happens?
This is simple enough – you will be charged for the difference and not the full price again. For example, if you are on a $3 subscription and you want to upgrade to a $5 yearly, you will pay an additional $2 per month that is left, rather than the full $5 as you would expect!

If I cancel my subscription, will I lose my rewards?
Of course not! You will continue to have access to Patreon updates until the end of the month and any in-game rewards can be redeemed when I’m ready to add in the content! If in the case you’ve paid for a yearly subscription, then you will have access to everything until the end of the year even if you cancel!