Windows FAQs

There may be some common issues that you may come across while trying to the game. The game does not require installation and all files are not saved inside the game but rather in you app files so if you delete the game, you won’t lose your save files making it easy to run newer versions of the game.

Common problems when trying to run for the first time:

I can’t extract the game properly!

  • If you are running the game on Windows, you may need a better extractor to extract the game files. Please check out: Unzip Files: How to Unzip a File with WinZip and download the 64 bit version. Make sure you delete all previous attempts at unzipping or it may fail, it needs to be a clean unzip ~

How do I extract the file after downloading WinZip?

  • You need to attempt an extraction without opening the file. Don’t double click on it, but rather right click and ‘extract here’.