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General Questions

Since there have been a lot of questions over the past few months, I have made an advanced FAQ in this section and will be appending to it over time! I am sure I will have missed something but will try to answer all of the most asked questions ~

Could you give some more information on the release date?
I am planning to allow Patreons to play pre-alpha builds of the game around March 2021. From then onwards, we should be able to improve the game and give a new build to Patreons every two weeks or so with updates for the foreseeable future. When the game is Alpha ready, I expect a Steam or Epic release will become feasible. Patreons will get keys for platforms of their choice and this will hopefully be around late 2022 I suspect. However, by that time Patreons will have been playing the game for some time.

Are there any loading screens and is the player bound to the player house?
Nope! There are no loading screens in Little Sim World. Exploring and even going upstairs do not trigger transitions or loading screens. It’s one big world – happy gaming!

How about mod support?
Not on release, but this is something I am looking to enable over time. While mods are fantastic, I would like the game to be feature complete without mods being a ‘necessity’ to play.

What are the system requirements?
I don’t have official specifications yet, but they will be minimal. I am spending a lot of time optimising so it can run on ancient potats.

What engine does the game use and what programming language?
2020 Unity 2D, and C#!

Will the game be free to play, and what other platforms will it be released on?
PC & Mac. The game is planned to be available on Patreon, Epic and Steam. I’m not currently planning to support other platforms I’m afraid due to the small size of the team, it would be difficult updating and supporting other purchasing methods. It is unlikely Little Sim World will come to other platforms any time soon, as we simply don’t have enough people to do this for the moment. Perhaps later on, when the game is successful, we can look at porting onto mobile and the Switch. Currently, there are no plans to offer a f2p model.

How much will Little Sim World cost?
Around $20-25. Pricing will be finalised at a later date!

Will there be cosmetics or microtransactions?

Nope! There will be no paywalls in Little Sim World. Outfits will be available, but you’ll have to get those yourself by playing the game! Major and minor updates will be free for the foreseeable future. Maybe in the distance somewhere there might be a paid expansion but it won’t be anytime soon ~

Will there be other cities beyond London?
I suspect this is possible but the amount of time required to create art for buildings and the world is huge. This is something we can look into once we are sure there’s nothing else to add into London.

Can you play as multiple characters simultaneously and switch between them instantly?
This is not currently possible as Little Sim World is a lot more focused on the RPG elements of gameplay.

What sort of transport options are available and can we buy our own cars?
Taxis, Buses and the London underground will be available. You can purchase your own transport and there will be a good selection of cars available but I can’t confirm how many. There will be a good selection, though.

Is it possible for the player or other Sims to die?
Currently, this is not possible. Little Sim World is heavily focused around customising your personal experience much like Animal Crossing such that it would not make sense for the player to die. This means as the main character, instead of ‘dying’ you will instead pass out and end up at the hospital with a couple of negative moods when you wake up, as well as a lighter wallet.

Is ageing part of the game?
It is not part of the game and probably won’t be for some time. This is a question that is asked very often, and unfortunately adding ageing would complicate the game in terms of development (mostly in terms of game design). I’ll look into this further later on.

How are items unlocked in the game?
A lot of items will not be available from the start. A lot of advanced items such as clothes, hairstyles, DIY recipes, cars and furniture will need to be unlocked. To unlock things in general (as a very broad system), you will need to do a variety of actions such as levelling up your interests, completing your stamp book, progressing in your career, make friends and more!

Are there any collectables to find?
Yes, I will be adding sets of items that are around the world to collect. To begin, I am looking into coins, plants and foods. By collecting them, you will gain new stamps (see below) and also unlock various rewards in the game that would otherwise be unavailable.

Are there achievements planned in the game?
Yes, each player will have their own stamp book. By completing certain tasks, you will unlock stamps that you will need to then buy from the post office. By stamping your book, you will unlock certain unlockables and rewards that are unique to the stamp book.

Can you build your own house and own your own businesses?
Yes, you can build your own house if you wish. Businesses will come as a later update but the short answer is yes!

Are there different homes you can own?
Yes, there will be multiple homes and lots you can rent. To own them you’d need to pay the mortgage which will be higher than rent prices. Different locations impact gameplay a lot as you need to consider what sort of shops and transport are available to you!

How does house ownership work?
You are allowed to own multiple properties if you so wish and there will be lots around London you can purchase. You may demolish existing or construct additional rooms to existing buildings. You usually pay rent but you may own your own properties if you can afford the mortgage. This will be very expensive and expect house ownership to be more of an endgame thing.

Will there be multiple floor buildings?
Yes, there will be. You can walk upstairs to get to the next floor. It will be a seamless transition and not instances.

Are there plans to add farms and farm animals?
Gardening is planned as an interest that the player can level. However, adding farming features will be challenging but is something that we can consider down the line ~ 

How does romance work in the game?
It works similar to Stardew Valley such that there will be romantic events that need to be unlocked.

Is romance gender locked?
No, it isn’t. You can have any type of relationship you wish in terms of gender combinations.

Can you get married and have children?
Not for the pre-alpha but eventually, yes. This is one of my priorities to get into the game later on.

What will your spouse or children do in the game?
I can’t confirm anything at this point, because it will be some time before this is properly implemented into the game.

Will there be pets in the game?
Not on release, but this will be one of our number 1 priorities as a later addition. Expect animals and pets in the game you can interact with and own!

Will there be children in the game and what about generations?
We will be adding children into the game later. We won’t be doing generations for the moment as it would mess with the timeline of the game due to dating.

Are clothing and hairstyles gender locked?
No, they won’t be. Clothing will have a small impact on gameplay but as far as I can see there’s no reason for anything to be gender locked.

Can you pick your own pronouns in the game?
Currently, no. The game always refers to you by ‘you’ rather than your title so it does not matter much what your pronoun is from a gameplay perspective. However, if the game requires pronouns later then it is something I can look into adding.

Do you plan to add seasonal events into the game?
Yes, I’d like to add some variation of seasonable events that will cycle based on the time of year it is (in the real world) so expect limited collectables at some point to be implemented.

Will there be cheats available in the game?
Unfortunately, there are currently no plans for cheat codes.

Are supernatural events in the game?
Currently no. The game is mostly focused on reasonable realism so supernatural events are not a priority at the moment. If the community really wants supernatural events, we can do a poll on this later ~

Will there be religions in the game?
Currently, there are no plans for now but we could potentially look into groups and societies later (although not religious or perhaps a cat cult <3).