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Pre-Alpha Build

It has been a while since we started working on Little Sim World and what a journey it has been! In this section, we will outline what to expect. 

The Pre-Alpha is available for all Patreons and was released on the 31st of March 4PM 2021 (UK Time).

If you are not currently a Patreon, but were in the past, we will try and send out a download link to people above a certain tier (uncertain which tier for the moment) so you get a chance to play. However, most future updates to the Pre-Alpha will remain concurrent Patreons only!

Oh yes, please wishlist the game on Steam if you can – it really actually is a huge deal for us and helps us out a lot – it would also make all the birbs around the world happy ^_^

In the Pre-Alpha, features are limited for the time being. There are a lot of features that we have worked on, but I believe that a small, compact but high-quality experience is better than a  buggy one.

So, please be slightly patient – the content will com over time and I want to make sure the quality is up to what everyone is expecting. I am planning to update the Pre-Alpha every two weeks so of course the game will dramatically improve over time ^_^

Confirmed features for the Pre-Alpha:

  • Player walking and running animations.
  • Character customisation.
  • Decorate and construction mode (build mode).
  • Various furniture sets available to decorate with.
  • Many decorations to place around in your house!
  • Walls, doors, floor tiles and wallpapers to modify your house with.
  • Most menu UIs should be finished and ready.
  • Various cars on the road with animations.
  • Basic lighting system.
  • Day night cycle.
  • Basic sound effects for various UI and animations.

Immediately Upcoming Features:

  • Weather implementation.
  • More furniture and decorations.
  • Further character customisations.
  • Much more furniture interactions.
  • Stairs for multiple floors.
  • More careers mode options.
  • More NPC interactions.
  • More Shops!!!

Please keep in mind the ‘upcoming’ features are mostly finished already in the unstable build. A lot of these just require more tweaking before pushing into the live build. Also, a lot of smaller features are not included in the above that will see implementation.