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Discord Rules

Thank you for visiting our Discord! I hope that you’ll enjoy your time here – most rules are self explanatory and please just use your common sense!

#1. No profanity, sexual or NSFW content :8jellybean:
#2. Be kind and respectful to others when engaging in discussion. We want to build a community of like minded people who are interested in the simulation genre as well related titles.
#3. No spamming of emotes, links or otherwise. You will be le banned :frowning:
#4. Avoid topics regarding pirating if possible. We aren’t a pirate ship :chick:
#5. Please message Terry first if you wish to promote content ~ however, in terms of self promotion such as other discords and Twitch, this is something that is best avoided.
#6. We should try and stick to just English for now. When we get more members, we can potentially make more channels for other languages :molang_omnom:
#7. The mee6 bot tracks levels. Active members will get some rewards when the game is released and also roles here. Stat bot tracks server growth!
#8. All members with roles are immune to Mee6 bot. Active cookies and above will not have any messages deleted. I trust you all enough to behave yourselves!
#9. Keep the chat friendly and positive. Violence, politics, self harm and drug use should be avoided ~ :snug2: